Editorial Policy

IBMRD’s Journal of Management & Research Editorial Policy

1. Focus and Scope:

IBMRDs Journal of Management & Research is a blind fold peer reviewed internationally acclaimed indexed journal. It comprises original research papers from academicians as well as corporate thinkers in the areas of concerned development in Management & Information Technology. It is published biannually and is sent to all members of various Association bodies and subscribed by most research libraries of premier institutes under Savitribai Phule Pune University. The journal is listed in prominent databases including Google Scholar, Cite Factor, i-Scholar, IIFS, J-Gate, Scientific Indexing Services and Directory of Open Access Journals(DOAJ). Moreover, we are constructively attempting to include the same in further databases like EBSCO and other prominent databases.

The purpose of IBMRDs Journal of Management & Research is to disseminate timely and informative articles that represent the current state of the art in Management & Information Technology. Regular features in journal include original Research Papers, Case studies, Manuscripts and Book reviews. The articles cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to different industries, management functions, and geographic locations. They focus on such areas as Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource and Information Technology. The Journal publishes original articles that are reasonably selfcontained and aimed at a broad spectrum discussing on various domains in Information Technology & Management. In general, the journal does not publish articles that have been published elsewhere in whole or in part. The Journal welcomes the contribution of articles on the theory and practice of Management & Information Technology as well as general survey articles and reviews of books.

2. Publication Frequency:

Research Paper /Articles are published biannually in March and September respectively. The editors select the articles according to the themes. Electronic and Print submissions are simultaneous.

3. Open Access:

The contents of the each issues of the journal are available online at www.ibmrdjournal.com as soon as the issue is published.

4. Archiving:

Back issues of each volume are available online at www.ibmrdjournal.com with Online ISSN: 2348-5922 & Print ISSN: 2277-7830 in pdf format in the form of Archiving.

5. Registration:

All authors are required to register online with complete information including the Authors name, Affiliation, E-mail address, Title of the Paper, Abstract of the paper & contact number. The authors are also required to submit a copyright form specifying the research paper/manuscript is original contribution and the paper is not published or considered to be published elsewhere. In case of multiple authors, the submitting author is responsible for obtaining agreement of all coauthors and any consent required from sponsors before submitting a paper. It is the obligation of the authors to cite relevant prior work.

6. Review Process:

For prospective inclusion of research paper to be a part of the journal, it has to go through two successive stages. The research papers are invited through two sources. One of the sources for inviting research paper is through call for papers. Also those research papers that are reviewed by the session experts at the IBMRDs International Conference get nominated for inclusion in the IBMRD’s journal of management & research. After receiving these papers from the two aforesaid sources, these papers are forwarded to the internal review committee of IBMRD. The internal review committee scrutinizes these papers and forwards them further to the Research Advisory Board Members for further review and suggestion. At the second stage, these research papers are reviewed by a Research Advisory Board through a blind fold peer review process. The review process includes a month long rigorous activity. The authors are required to follow general guidelines as displayed at the website and also to adhere to APA format of research paper writing. Each Research Advisory Board Member suggests valuable remarks for modifications in the paper so as to reach standards of research paper writing. Further the selected papers are send for plagiarism test. The editor’s feedback is solicited in 15 days and then subsequently modifications are communicated to the authors within further 5 days. Each author is requested to modify the paper as per guidelines and valuable remarks suggested by the editors and resend the paper in a span of 10 days.

7. Editorial Board:

The Editorial Board appointed for the review of quality research papers inclusion for the IBMRD’s Journal of Management & Research are members associated with various academic institutions having rich experience in varied fields of Management & Information Technology. There is an internal formal process for the identification & appointment of the Editorial Board members. An internal committee of experienced academic faculties identifies & suggests the Industry & Academic experts towards the Editor-In-Chief. The Editor In Chief then upon discretion finalizes the members of Editorial Board on the grounds of higher Academic achievements & Major contributions in the field of Research in Management & Information Technology. Subsequently, a request letter is then sending to the experts and upon consent of each of the prestigious experts, the Editorial Board is formulated.

8. Plagiarism:

The papers are initially screened for plagiarism using the Crossref software. There is 20% tolerance allowed for acceptance of research paper.

9. Vocabulary Test:

The paper is also screened for vocabulary check. This includes spell check and grammar using Ginger software.

10. Funds:

The entire cost of publication of each issue is borne by the Institute. The Institute has a reserved fund in the form of Research Grants that are utilized for publication. No publication fees are charged to the authors.

11. Ethics:

Original research papers are accepted for publications which are not published elsewhere. The authors are therefore required to submit the copyright form as` undertaking stating the same. There is only 20% acceptance of plagiarism for all research articles/papers/manuscripts etc. The publication right is shared with all authors.