Volume 3, Issue 2, September 2014

Table of Contents


Risk Management through Efficient Portfolios  | 
Kushalappa, Sharmila Kundar 1-10
Total views: 793
Financial Inclusion Strategy Focus in Kenya  | 
Vilas S. Epper, John Osoro Nyangweta 11-22
Total views: 856
A Study on the Role of Knowledge Management in Human Resource Management  | 
Abhijit Khasnis 23-30
Total views: 830
Interface of Technology in Baking Sectors: Opportunities and Threats  | 
Ashish Mohture, Yogesh Sawarkar, Priyadarshani Zanjurne 31-42
Total views: 812
A Socio Legal Research on Contribution of Pictures and Television Program to Juvenile Delinquency and Crimes in Jalgaon City  | 
Deepak S. Sharma, Shama Potnis 43-50
Total views: 1070
An Empirical Study on the Meta- Search Engine Optimization Technique Based on Keyword: A Review  | 
K. P. Raghuvashi 51-56
Total views: 856
Impact of Welcoming of FDI in Retailing on Home Retail Business  | 
Ujjwala Khachane Narkhede 57-65
Total views: 788
Comparative Study of Facial Feature Extraction, Expressions and Emotion Recognition  | 
A. R. Shinde, P. P. Agnihotri 66-69
Total views: 891
Realistic Information System for Effective Awareness of Agri-Initiatives  | 
Gayatri Sunil Satpute, Suvarna Raju Desale 70-76
Total views: 851
Effect of Poisson Noise on Remote Sensing Images and Noise Removal using Filters  | 
Narayan P. Bhosale, Ramesh R. Manza 77-83
Total views: 804
APMC and E-trading for Financial Inclusiveness in Karnataka  | 
Satish G. Athawale 84-98
Total views: 902
Cloud Computing-Best Solution to Avoid Malpractices in Research Areas  | 
Manojkumar S. Langote, B. B. Das 99-106
Total views: 954
Information Technology and Supply Chain Management Practices in Global Business Organizations –A Study  | 
Mangesh P. Waghmare, M. B. Mehta 107-112
Total views: 959
Performance Analysis and Evaluation of Fuzzy Pattern Tree Induction  | 
Shruti S. Pophale, Smita A. Kachare 113-122
Total views: 850
Role of NLP in Indian Regional Languages  | 
S. Langote Manojkumar, Kulkarni Sweta, Mansuri Shabnam, Pawar Ankita, Bhoknal Kishor 123-128
Total views: 745
Level 2 Fuzzy Relations in Database Modeling  | 
Supriya K. Gandhi 129-135
Total views: 738
Problem of Unfair Trade Practice & Its Impact on Society with Special Reference to Consumer Protection Act 1986 in Jalgaon City  | 
Yogita V. Patil, Dakshata S. Gadiya 136-148
Total views: 781

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