Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2014

Table of Contents


Role of Information Technology in Human Resource Management of SME: A Study on the Use of Applicant Tracking System  | 
Arunava Narayan Mukherjee, Sudipto Bhattacharyya, Risika Bera 1-22
Total views: 38912
Supporting Knowledge Management through Organizational Structure  | 
Satish C. Sharma, Sumeet Saurabh 23-33
Total views: 864
Promotion Mix: An Inquiry on Alignment between Level of Customer Awareness and Purchase Intension  | 
B. K. Suthar, Shamal Pradhan 34-58
Total views: 3930
Human Capital Enhancement through E-HRM  | 
Sharad R. Kulkarni 59-74
Total views: 982
A Paradigm Shift from Digital Divide to Digital Inclusiveness  | 
Goutam G. Saha 75-84
Total views: 1065
Green Audit - a Tool for Attaining Sustainable Development & Achieving Competitive Advantage  | 
Joshi Seema Pradip, Pavitra D. Patil 85-93
Total views: 841
An Experimental Study on Factors Affecting the Multiple Intelligences of MBA Students with the Help of Informational Technology  | 
Vikas S. Gaundare, Arun D. Yeole 95-103
Total views: 956
Secure Access of Intelligent Tutorial System on Cloud using RSA Algorithm  | 
Sweta G. Phegade, Tejal H. Oza, Kalyani Neve 104-115
Total views: 941
Information Technology, Economy and Banking Sector  | 
K. B. Sharma, Gauravkumar R. Khandelwal, Mahendrasing G. Rathod 116-124
Total views: 1073
A Survey of Different Text Mining Techniques  | 
Varsha C. Pande, A. S. Khandelwal 125-133
Total views: 1583
Technique to Prevent Piracy of Softwares  | 
Vijeet H. Meshram 134-141
Total views: 2492
A Survey on Different Secret Key Cryptographic Algorithms  | 
Harshala B. Pethe, S. R. Pande 142-150
Total views: 1732
To Study Customer Relationship Management in Hospitality Industry  | 
Mahesh Chhaburao Wilayate, R. P. Deshmukh 151-163
Total views: 2330
Efficient ways of Performance Analysis of Recruiter-an Industry Insight  | 
Ravi B. Achaliya 164-189
Total views: 833
E-HRM in Indian Sugar Industry: Differentiating Tool in Competitive Market  | 
Ghule Kshitij Narendra, J. R. Bhor 190-209
Total views: 1061
Image Recognition Using Shape Descriptor: Eccentricity and Color  | 
Rajivkumar Mente, B. V. Dhandra, Gururaj Mukarambi 210-216
Total views: 1407
Review of Biometrics: Palm Vein Recognition System  | 
S. D. Raut, V. T. Humbe 217-223
Total views: 1456
Leaf Features Based Plant Classification Using Artificial Neural Network  | 
Manisha Amlekar, Ramesh R. Manza, Pravin Yannawar, Ashok T. Gaikwad 224-232
Total views: 1443
Monitoring Vegetation Canopy of Maharashtra Using Remote Sensing  | 
Rashmi Rajeev Nitwane, Vaishali D. Bhagile 233-241
Total views: 700
QoS Management for Large Wireless Sensor Networks  | 
Ashutosh Landge, R. S. Despande 242-257
Total views: 1134
E-CRM in Indian Banks: Differentiating Tool in Competitive Market  | 
Sandeep Walunj, G. H. Barhate 258-268
Total views: 1076
An Overview of usage pattern of Information Technology in co-operative banks in Ahmednagar District  | 
U. H. Nagarkar, A. J. Shivagaje 269-280
Total views: 933
Role of Information Technology for Promoting Women Empowerment especially with Reference to Members of Self Help Groups in Ahmednagar District  | 
Sandip K. Nimbalkar, R. R. Berad 281-292
Total views: 1531
Relative Study of Students Awareness & usage of Green Computing with Respect to Gender  | 
Sangita Babasaheb Phunde, Madhuri Ravindra Godbole, Supriya Ganesh Sapa 293-310
Total views: 1361
Impacts of ICT Application on the Insurance Sector (e-Insurance)  | 
Supriya Ganesh Sapa, Sangita Babasaheb Phunde, Madhuri Ravindra Godbole 311-320
Total views: 3251
Study of Level of Practicing E-commerce and Perceived Satisfaction of it by Different Segments of Consumers for Different Segments of Consumers for Different Selected Products in Ahmednagar City  | 
Dhanyakumar P. Jain 321-327
Total views: 823
Study of Role of Information Technology in Development of Customer Relationship Management in Selected Service Organizations in Ahmednagar City  | 
Sunil Madhukar Katre 328-333
Total views: 722
Role of Information Technology in Banking Sector in India  | 
N. M. Nair 334-346
Total views: 6619
E-SCM-E- Supply Chain Management: Potentialities and Prospects in Indian Manufacturing Industries  | 
N. S. Mattani, Yash S. Khodke, N. R. Mattani 347-350
Total views: 884

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