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Plant Classification Based on Leaf Features


  • Institute of Management Studies and IT, Aurangabad, India
  • Department of CSIT, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Auranagabad, India


Plants are very much significant component of ecosystem. Plants can be used as foodstuff, in medicines and in many industries for manufacturing various products. Identifying those helps ensure the protection and survival of all natural life. Plant identification can be performed using many different techniques. As plant leaves are more readily available, it is efficient to identify and classify plants by using their leaves. Plant classification by using leaves requires different biometric features. This paper presents the review on various methods for plant classification based on leaf biometric features. For plant classification traditionally, the trained taxonomist and botanist had required to perform set of various tasks. The taxonomist usually classifies the plants based on flowering and associative phenomenon. It was found that this process was time consuming and difficult for following various tasks. The biometric features of plants leaf such as shape and venation make this classification easy. This review study may help the rural people for easily identifying in addition to classifying the plant based on the leaf features. This plant classification method include two basic tasks leaf biometric feature extraction and classification of plants based on these features.


Artificial Neural Network, Leaf Shape, Leaf Venation, Morphological Features, Probabilistic Neural Network.

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