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Analysis of Level of Use of ICT in Hospitals in Ahmednagar City and Explore the Potential Areas of Use of ICT


  • Institute of Management Research and Rural Development, Ahmednagar, India


Information Communication Technology (ICT) has revolutionized entire world and human society. Life of human being becomes smoother because of simplification of processes, easy access for a common man to government offices and information which is attributable to use of ICT. Present research work is an effort to find out use of ICT in hospitals and healthcare sector in general in Maharashtra and in Ahmednagar in particular. This research is based on primary survey of hospitals in the city to find out use of ICT in their organization, what problems they face in implementation of that and what are the potential areas where they feel there should be use of ICT. This research is combination of survey and case study method. Two cases will be discussed to throw light on the use of ICT. Suggestions will be given and a new model is suggested for use of ICT by taking different approach by looking at broader meaning of Health.


Access, Broader Concept-Of Health, ICT, Revolutionized World, Simplification.

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