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ICT: A Path towards Rural Empowerment through Telecommunication, Egovernance, and E-Agriculture


  • College of Social Work, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedakar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, India
  • MGM Institute of Management, Aurangabad, India


India is a land of villages, where 70% population lives in rural community, whose bread and butter is the only agriculture and its allied businesses. Agriculture represents the heart of majority and mainly attracts the social development of our country. Agro-business and agroeconomy are much vital as it provides livelihood for majority of population, most contributing to national income, gainful employment. Hence, the study of incredible agriculture sector in e-commerce era is of utmost importance."ICT" today's buzzword- "Information and Communication Technology" is a huge umbrella term that encompasses all the technologies for the manipulation and communication of information, used for the betterment of mankind. It encompasses various devices, services and applications like Radio, Television, Cellular phones, Computers, Tablets and networking, Hardware and software, Satellite systems. It's a simple logic to enhance the growth and wealth; ICT tools could be adopted in the Agriculture sector to accelerate the growth and automatically growth in national economy. Commonly used and popular ICT tools in rural area are Telecommunication, cellular phones, computers and networks. All are aware of its benefits like-finalizing the decisions at right times, to find best possible solutions, efficient systems for water management, irrigation to increase the max production. As well E-Agriculture for transforming marketing process information, to improve the business and boost the growth. Rural development is also linked with better quality life and it is possible only after providing them timely information, knowledge on commercial aspects. As ICT developed the fastest means and standards, called e-governance, helps the rural population to uplift, as compare to citizens. Updating of rural population in all these three prime areas definitely lead to rural empowerment. With above view, the current research paper highlights the aspects as follows,

1. Growth in rural Telecommunications.

2. Existing ICT programmes on E-Governance.

3. Scope and prospectus of ICT in agriculture sector.

4. Challenges before ICT and Rural empowerment.


E-Governance, E-Agriculture, ICT-Information and Communication Technology, Rural Empowerment, Telecommunications.

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