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Remote Services for E-Health in Developing Countries


  • Crystal Hi-Tech it Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Research Student, PIMS Loni, Ahmednagar, India


This paper is a positional paper that is set to take inventory of existing innovative ICT solutions in health service delivery (e-health) in rural community and to open up researches into the acceptability and utilization of various ICT solutions in health services in developing countries. The assessment is based on the other subsequent works of other Authors who have researched into electronic health solutions in developing countries. This paper also focuses on what is e-health? e-health is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health. It is recognised as one of the most rapidly growing areas in health today.e-Healthcare can be defined as the use of ICT to support the delivery of healthcare support and services directly to people outside the conventional care centers such as Hospitals or residence. People in rural and remote communities stand to benefit from e-Health in its many forms like e-Health records, high speed broadband, telehealth and online health information. The purpose of this is to ensure that information on these issues is readily available to people in rural and remote areas and that those involved in their management remain aware of the aspects of those initiatives that are particular to such areas. As in case of India 70% of the rural population has very poor access to healthcare. 76% of the medical facilities are concentrated in urban areas, and there is an overall shortage of medical personnel. The technology enables rural patients to reach urban doctors through a telemedicine solution. The above abstract focuses on the meaning of e-health, its various forms, its functionality&importance and also its usability in developing countries.


Developing Countries, E-Health, E-Health Records, Health Services, Rural Community, Telehealth.

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