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Rural Development: No more a Day-Dream


  • Vidya Pratishthan's Institute of Information Technology, Baramati, India


Self-reliant villages are an age-old concept. If we peep into the history of ancient India, we come to know that once upon a time, our villages were self-reliant. There was 'Barter' system present, which was beneficial to make the villages self-reliant. Therefore, as a result, the people were happy. After the invasion of Aryans, the barter system and thereby self-reliance of the villages was disturbed. Entire social system was changed and the independent people became slaves of the system. Now there is a need of time that we should once again go back to our proud historical system to become self-reliant. Of course, the ways would be different. In today's world of currency economy, we may not achieve hundred per cent barter system. But definitely we can go closer to the system and can have the golden combination of modern technology with historical and proven economic exchange system. One Village One Product (OVOP) can be one of the ways to make rural life sustainable and to improve Human Development Index (HDI).


HDI, OVOP, Rural Development.

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