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No-Touch Interface in ICT for Prosperous Rural Development


  • PIRENS Technical Campus, Loni, India


It is observed that there is a tremendous change in computer hardware and software. Simultaneously there was a change in types and devices of input and outputs for computers. As far as input to computer is concern, it was started from punched cards, then magnetic tapes and so on up to touch screen and voice input. The same case is happened with output of computer. At the beginning it was just information (Processed data). It might be in text or image formats. But now a days the output of computer is everywhere in the world (Directly or indirectly it is related with computers).Here I want to introduce "no-touch interface" of computer for "rural development". This research is not just descriptive or analytical research or survey. Here I want to suggest a solution for immediate problems facing a rural area of the India and world. So I will say this is applied research and somewhat it is laboratory research. I want to discuss role of "No-Touch Interface" of ICT in Rural Development. I will consider three major areas,

1. Information retrieval and communication in local languages

2. Automation in Agriculture and logistics

3. Role of Artificial Intelligence in quality control of agriculture products

In this paper, I will concentrate on 6 major applications to fulfill the above needs

1. Role of GPS and GIS in cultivation, transportation (Driverless tractors, sprayers, cultivators and vehicles)

2. Role of Sensors, Cameras and microcontrollers in horticulture and floriculture

3. New Cloud to forecast the agricultural production

4. Weather forecasting and planning

5. Automation in Disease detection, security, fertilizer and water management

6. Local Language (Voice) interface, Speech Recognition, TTS, Speech Synthesis


GPS, GIS, ICT, No-Touch Interface, Rural Development.

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