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E-Governance and Rural Development: An Assessment of CSCS in Tripura


  • Department of Rural Management & Development, Tripura University, India
  • Department of Rural Management and Development, Tripura University, India


In Tripura, E-governance is available for health, education, and livelihood sectors and it provides services like Utility services, Rural Banking, Training Courses (Computer), Micro-credit, Insurance service, Health Services, Online PAN card facility, Adhar Card, Commercial services through Common Service Center (CSCs) to the people residing in the remote areas. CSCs are playing a vital role for rural development through providing various services in the rural areas which were not available before implementing e-governance. Because of e-governance the rural population easily accesses the several services in nearest to their village & also e-governance playing crucial role in the field of rural development. Present study provides an insight into the role of e-governance in providing essential facilities to people of Tripura. The study attempts to reveal the socio-economic status of the rural people in study area; level of awareness among rural peoples regarding e-governance; the services available in the Common Service Centre (CSC) under e-governance. It also makes an attempt to identify the problems during access the services and make necessary suggestion for better e-governance in rural areas.


CSCs, E-Governance, Rural Development.

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