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Market space for Young Entrepreneurs: Opportunities & Challenges


  • Modern Institute of Business Management, India


Entrepreneurship is a multifaceted phenomenon. The phenomenon of entrepreneurship is a complex set of continuous and overlapping process such as new product development, price strategy, innovation, technology, disciplinary action, management culture, and change in management etc. Young generation is becoming more enthusiastic in entrepreneurship, but there are various problems to establish new business, among all of these; capital is the main. Some of young entrepreneurs solve this problem by using Market space Business. Market space is an information and communication-based electronic exchange environment. Because of some important benefits of Market space, it is becoming the first choice for young generation to establish their business. This paper is aimed towards understanding the role of market space which can be used by youth entrepreneurs to establish their own business. With this the secondary objective of this research paper is to find out challenges and opportunities in India for youth entrepreneurs, and to create an entrepreneurial awareness in young generation. This study is based upon secondary data which is collected from internet, journals, books, newspapers, etc. Scope of this research paper is limited to the use of market space by young people to become entrepreneurs. The major finding says that young entrepreneurs have to face lots of problems, but they can overcome those by using internet (market space), also how internet can be useful to establish business.


Challenges and Opportunities, Entrepreneurial Awareness, Innovation, Market Space, Multifaceted Phenomenon, Young Entrepreneurs

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