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Buyer-seller Relationship-An Analysis of Customer Service Experience with Barber Shop


  • Amrutvahini Institute of Management and Business Administration, Sangamner, India


It's widely accepted that to understand customer is an enigma. Hence every service providers attract different customer groups. This customer group's level of satisfaction will also differ. It's normally observed that satisfied customer use to avail the repetitive services from the same seller or service provider. But the other way around, there are also some customers, despite satisfaction from the existing service providers, they defect. It's fact that 100 % customer retention is not possible practically though seller try to retain the customers. This has an implication on the service provider's income, profitability and growth. The paper highlights the issues and strategies which construct or destruct the buyer-seller relationship with especially reference to the Barber's services. On the basis of various situations which barber come across a customer, that has been explained with reference to the different situations to which barber get exposed to.


Buyer-Seller Relationship, Service Quality, Trust, Customer Defection, Relationship Strategies

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