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Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Green Computing


  • IMSCD&R, Ahmednagar


Green Computing is the emerging computing technology. It is mainly used to save and protect the environment as well as optimize energy consumption and try to keep green environment. It also refers to environmentally sustainable computing. Saving energy or reduction of carbon footprints is main aspects of Green Computing. This research is mainly focusing on various opportunities which are available to entrepreneur in green computing by checking awareness and usage of green computing in management students of IMSCD&R, Ahmednagar. A questionnaire was prepared to check the level of awareness and usage of green computing. The questionnaires were given to IMSCD&R students.

Almost all students use computers for their study/ work. Only 17% of the students recycle their old computer and 59% resale their old computer. 65% of the students are aware about recycling paper but 14% only use recycled paper for printing. Less than 50% of all the students are aware about green computing it means most of the students are not aware about green computing. The research finding established that more awareness is required in order to make IT users to take greener approaches of using technology and associated gadgets. There are different opportunities for entrepreneur to start a new business as well as give rise to the employment as follows,

1. e-Waste recycle center.

2. e-Waste collection center.

3. Recycle paper manufacturing unit.

4. Recycle packaging manufacturing unit.

5. Efficiency Consulting: Offer business analysis of their data centers energy consumption and propose cost-saving changes.

6. Green Data Center Design and Construction.

7. IT Training: Enhance overall efficiency by teaching best practices to IT teams at large corporations.


Conservation, Energy, Entrepreneur, E-waste, Green Computing, Imscd&r, Recycle, Recycle Packaging Unit, Recycle Paper

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