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Way to Entrepreneurship through Daily Household Waste Management


  • Institute of management Studies Career development & Research, Ahmednagar, India


Successful entrepreneurs must have or develop variety of skills like business know-how, innovation, creativity and good technology skills. Managers describe entrepreneurship with terms as innovative, flexible, dynamic, risk taking, creative and growth oriented. Thus the entrepreneur can find new opportunities from the house hold waste management which can be successfully converted into business which can earn profit to them. Nearly half of the people junk there house hold waste on open site, which will cause ill effects to the society.70% of the people are ready to give their household waste to any agency which will pay them small amount or no amount. Most of the people are ready to give their waste to a private agency.80 % of the people want the agency to come to their door for collection daily Thus we can say that there is opportunity for starting new business like collecting food waste from various households from a region to decompose it and create manure to sell. 59% of the people never think about recycling their waste. 40% of the people never think of the products to buy in recyclable packaging. This gives a new opportunity to start business like collection all the objects which can be recycled from a particular region and recycle it or give it to recycling center. Majority of the people except in Bhingar region are ready to install the machine which will create bio gas for their family which is based on household waste. Thus this is good opportunity to start the various businesses like producing the machine, installation of the machine as well as good opportunity will be provided for marketing the machine which is good solution for the problem of LPG gas which every household is facing. If agency will pay the people some amount for the waste they give, then waste can generate money for the people so that they will not treat waste as waste. People will handle it properly, which will result in good&healthy environment also it will be helpful for the people who will collect waste for various processing.


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