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Mutual Funds: An Investment Option from Investors' Point of View


  • Anand Institute of Management, (MBA Programme)


Investment decision for individual investor is concern with various factors. These factors might affect the whole investment process. Mutual Funds have become an important portal for the small size investors. Mutual fund plays a vital role in the Indian economy. The main focus of the study is to know investor's view about the investment preference and motivational factors, especially for mutual funds. This study is of descriptive type research. The target population will be individual investor in Anand - Vidyanagar area of relatively affluent western State of Gujarat (India). The survey will be based on convenience sampling having 100 investors as sample size. The study will try to identify the consumers' preference for various mutual funds and the main reasons for investment in mutual fund schemes. The study will also try to investigate various factors that investor is thinking before selecting a mutual fund company. Overall, the study is focusing on the behavior of individual investors and hence form a part of behavioral finance area.


Mutual Funds, Individual Investor, Financial Behavior, Investment Preference, Financial Decision

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