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A Study on Motivation and Problems of Micro Women Entrepreneurs in Western Region of Tamilnadu


Women, being half the section of the society the growth of the society is based upon the up liftmen of that section. A woman is not born to hide behind the kitchen but to achieve something. Any woman is a good manager of her house. It is only women who can be more loyal and more responsible in any type of enterprise. Today, the ratio of women entrepreneurs are increasing and to reach this, she had to cross many obstacles in her family as well as in the society. Education regarding self-employment should be given at an earlier stage which makes them financially independent. The government of India has been assigning increasing importance to the development of women entrepreneurs in the country in recent years. The statement of the problem is in spite of the outstanding performance, women entrepreneurs are not yet free from the problems while achieving their goals in the dynamic business environment. The basic problem of a women entrepreneur is that she is a women and she pertains to her responsibilities towards family, society and work. Therefore the average women hesitate to assume the role of entrepreneurs. The main objectives of the study is the various motivational factors which indulge them to motivational factors and problems of micro women entrepreneurs in western region of Tamil Nadu, Purposive Random Sampling technique is used to collect the data. The sample was taken from start the business and also to analyse the problems of women entrepreneurs in respect to socio-personal, marketing and finance. The research design was aimed at analyzing 120 respondents who are doing business in the western region of Tamil Nadu. The various statistical tools used for the study were Kendalls Coefficient Of Concordance, ANOVA and t-Test. A suitable null hypothesis were framed and tested in the relevant places. It is concluded from the analysis that the micro women entrepreneurs are facing various problems via financial problems, socio personal problems and marketing problems. The women in Indian scenario have always face dual responsibility in family as well as in business. In spite of all these responsibilities and problems the women entrepreneurs have tackled their business problems in a successful manner. Women as a mother is always a role model for her child, when she starts utilizing the time in an effective manner that will pay a way for a women as an entrepreneur in a large scale

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