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An Experimental Study on Factors Affecting the Multiple Intelligences of MBA Students with the Help of Informational Technology


  • Department of Management Studies, SSVPS’s Bapusaheb Shivajirao Deore College of Engineering, Dhule
  • Accountancy & Costing Department BP Arts, SMA Science & KKC Commerce College, Chalisgaon,.Jalgaon, MS


According to most of the psychologists, the human intelligence can't be count by only one aspect, as it reflects through multiple ways. And that's why the concept of Multiple Intelligences has been come into consideration. But when it comes to students, then how can it be affected by various factors and what are they? - is the question to study. As being the part of this educational system, authors try to explain these factors through an experimental study reflected in this research paper. Along with this, authors also try to describe the role; IT plays to help the academic researches, through the same.


Human Intelligence, Multiple Intelligences, Competencies, Demographic Factors, Information Technology etc

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