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Assessment of Quality Status in Management Institutes


  • PIRENS IBMA, Loni, India


In the present dynamic and competitive environment, business organizations are more focused on quality manpower with managerial skills. Management education is capable of providing such skills, but does it really able to produce quality output. Quality assurance and sustenance is possible with the help adopting and implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy and practices. Therefore, need to assess present status of quality in management institutes. This study and paper tried to assess various quality perspectives perceived by the internal stakeholders (Head, faculty members, support-staff & students) of the management institutes. The present study also assesses the students' outlook about management program for the strategic planning in the institutes. From the study it is revealed that, quality of management institutes are at average level and there is need to improve to meet the expectations of business organizations.


Management-Education, Management Institutes, Quality, TQM .

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