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Green Banking: An Overview


  • C. D. Jain College of Commerce, Shrirampur, India
  • PIRENS Research Center, Loni, India


Change is the law of nature. The environment and climate change are the most complicated issues that world is facing today. So adoption of change is the need for the survival. Today's business is all about being green. From Wal-Mart to Apple, everyone is talking about how green they are. Being a financial organization banks are responsible for the economic development of the nation. Green banking means promoting environmental friendly practices and reducing carbon footprint from banking activities. Adoption of green banking practices will not only be useful for environment, but also benefit in greater operational efficiencies, a minimum errors and frauds, and cost reductions in banking activities. The present paper aims to highlight Indian initiatives by various banks adopting green banking in India. Further, an attempt has been made to highlight the major benefits, confronting challenges of Green Banking.


Banking, Eco-Friendly, Green, Online.

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