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Market Mechanism and Functionaries of Local Haats:An Empirical Study in the Garo Hills Districts of Meghalaya


  • Department of Management, North-Eastern Hill University, Tura Campus, Meghalaya, India


Haats play a significant role in tribal settings since the market is not just a mere place of buying and selling but it is also a place for socializing, meeting distant friends and relatives. It is also a medium for passing down information from urban to rural communities. The present paper tries to explore the market mechanism in the functioning of the local haat system and the role of market functionaries which play a vital role in maintaining the effective functioning of market centers and in the development of the local haats in the Garo hills region of Meghalaya. The study reflects on the commodity structure of local origin as well as commodity brought from outside of Garo Hills Region. The study further brings out the dynamics of local haat participants, market agents and middlemen. Empirical findings reflect the vital roles that they play in the haats of Garo hills region.


Haats, Garo Hills, Market Participants, Market Mechanism, Market Functionaries.

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